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μ-ARGUS is a software program designed to create safe micro-data files. The CASC-project took a previous version of μ-ARGUS, developed a.o. during the SDC-project and prototypes before that, as a starting point. At the end of the CASC-project version 4.0 was available.

The ESSnet-project has made it possible to further extend μ-ARGUS. This resulted in Version 4.2.

Partly funded by Eurostat, a project was started on 20 December 2012 to port the at that time most recent version of μ-ARGUS to an Open Source version. The resulting version should contain the possibility to be run on a Windows platform as well as on a Linux/Unix platform.

μ-ARGUS software releases

Version 5.1.3

See the User Manual of version 5.1 for more information on the use of μ-ARGUS.

You can download the latest Windows 32 bit binaries, build on Windows 10:
Version 5.1.3 build 3
with bundled JRE8
Release notes 22-03-2018

Older versions, build on 32 bit Windows 7:
Version 5.1.1 build 1 Release notes 30-04-2015
Version 5.1.0 build 1 Release notes 19-12-2014

We have build μ-ARGUS on 32 bit Ubuntu 14.4.0 up to version 5.1.1 only. We do not have enough Linux expertise to continuously develop a Linux version. So, in case you want a newer version, please go to sdcTools on GitHub to download the sources and compile your own newer version.

Linux binaries, build on 32 bit Ubuntu 14.4.0:
Version 5.1.1 build 1 Release notes 22-05-2015

Older versions, build on 32 bit Ubuntu 14.4.0:
Version 5.1.0 build 1 Release notes 19-12-2014

You can download the 5.1.0 sources here.
The latest sources are available at sdcTools on GitHub

For an overview of known issues, click here.

Version 4.2

You can also still download the (Windows only) version previous to the Open Source version here. (Unzip the zip-file and run the setup)

An alternative installation procedure for μ-ARGUS (4.2) can be downloaded here

See the Manual of version 4.2 for more information.

μ-Project team

Partner Name Role
CBS Anco Hundepool Overall coordination
Software development (User interface)
Ramya Ramaswamy Software development (Kernel)
Peter-Paul de Wolf PRAM (Post Randomisation)
IStat Luisa Franconi Risk-models
StBa Ruth Brand Noise-models
URV Josep Domingo Micro aggregation software
Coordinator micro data research