Statistical Disclosure Control

μ-ARGUS Beta-release Known Issues Page

To report a bug or to give any other feedback, send an e-mail to Peter-Paul de Wolf.

Known Issues

  • Ordinal data causes problems with rounding in "modify numerical variables".
  • Manual is still based on the "old" Windows version (screen shots) and still very preliminary.
  • After applying Global recoding, labels may be incorrect in main screen and in PRAM specification screen.
  • Calculate tables works up until approximately 25000 tables (combinations).

Windows version
  • Content sensitive help only available when AcrobatReader is installed (Windows 32 bit)
  • Content sensitive help causes to close open Acrobat windows.
  • SPSS support is only tested with version 22.
  • When combinations have been calculated on an SPSS file, the open microdata screen will display a filename different from the original SPSS file.
  • SPSS support is only available when SPSS is installed.

Linux version
  • No SPSS support (yet) under Linux.
  • Content sensitive help not (yet) available under Linux.