Infographic transshipment of containers via Rotterdam, 2016

About one third of all containers arriving in Rotterdam are transshipped via sea to other maritime ports. The infographic shows per main commodity category the transshipment flows (in weight) from country of loading to country of unloading. The infographic provides an overview of the goods flows with containers that were transhipped via the port of Rotterdam in 2016. The customs data make it possible to compile a complete picture of the transshipment containers. Individual goods flows of transshipment containers can be selected in the infographic. With the help of the cursor the goods flows can be selected with the corresponding weight shown in 1000 tonnes. The goods flows are grouped by continent. For each continent, the five most important countries of origin can be selected by clicking on the ‘Origin’ bar to select the continent in question. The transshipment flows can be further broken down to the eight most important goods groups with the help of the filter buttons at the bottom of the infographic. The figures in the infographic show the transported weight in 1000 tonnes.


Wood and textiles: 20%

Agricultural products: 20%

Chemicals: 20%

Machinery: 20%

Building materials: 20%

Waste: 20%

Oil products: 20%

Other: 20%