ESSNet on Statistical Disclosure Control


1.a. Handbook version 1.2
1.b.1. Lessons learned from the inventory
2.a.1. New version of µ-ARGUS
2.a.2. New version of τ-ARGUS
2.a.3. A conversion program for converting SBS-files into τ-ARGUS format
And a description
2.a.3. Using τ-ARGUS with SAS.
    A program for exporting SAS datasets to Argus
    Ideas for using τ-ARGUS with SAS.
       τ-ARGUS and SAS
    A German approach for using τ-ARGUS with SAS.
       τ-ARGUS and SAS
2.c.1 Making SDC-tools better usable by NSIs Sustainability of the Argus Software
2.c.2 On the sustainability of the SDC software tools
3.a. Guidelines for Output Checking
3.b.1. The R Package for Jackknife Confidentiality Protection
3.b.2. The Zip-file with the R Package
5.a.1. Report on testing µ-ARGUS
5.a.2 Blocking methods
5.b.1. Community Innovation Survey: a Flexible Approach to the Dissemination of Microdata Files for Research
5.b.2. Dissemination of Microdata Files Stemming from Social Surveys; Improvements of the Estimation of the Re-identification Risk Measures Based on Log-Linear Models
5.b.3. Improvement on risk for social surveys
5.b.4. Report on risk models and data protection for enterprise microdata
5.b.5. Strategies to achieve SDC harmonisation at European level:
multiple countries, multiple files, multiple surveys
6.a. Negative values report
7.1. Synthetic data report
7.2. Artificial data through calibration and empirical copulas
7.3. Artificial Continuous Data for SDC
8. Linked tables report