Statistical Disclosure Control

This is the combined homepage of the several European projects in the field of Statistical Disclosure Control.

The cooperation started with the 4th Framework project
Statistical Disclosure Control(SDC) (1996-1998)
continued with the 5th Framework project
Computational Aspects of Statistical Confidentiality (CASC) (2000-2003)
and continued in the projects
CENEX SDC (2006),
ESSnet SDC (2008-2009),
ESSnet SDC harmonisation (2011),
the 7th Framework project
Data without Boundaries (DWB) (2011-2015)
and the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA)
Centre of Excellence on SDC (2015-2018).

Latest news

New release μ-ARGUS


Version 5.1.3 of the Open Source software μ-ARGUS is published. You can download Windows binaries here. For the sources, please go to sdcTools on GitHub.

New release τ-ARGUS

Version 4.1.7 of the Open Source software τ-ARGUS is published. You can download Windows binaries here. For the sources, please go to sdcTools on GitHub.

Next conference on SDC

In the bi-annual tradition of the Privacy in Statistical Database (PSD) conferences, the next meeting will be in Valencia (Spain), September 26-28 2018. For more information see the PSD 2018 web site.

Work session on SDC

The tradition of joint UN-ECE/Eurostat work sessions on SDC will be continued. The latest work session was hosted in Skopje, 20-22 September 2017.
More information can be found here.

There was be a "User Group sdcTools" meeting alongside this worksession in the evening of 20 September.

Argus Open Source software

As a results of a project partly financed by Eurostat, an Open Source version of the ARGUS software is developed. On the software pages you can find the links to the latest releases: μ-ARGUS and τ-ARGUS.

Workshop on Statistical Disclosure Control of Census data

The final event of the ESSnet will be a special workshop on the protection of census data.
This workshop has taken place in Luxembourg, 19 and 20 April 2012,
The agenda and the papers can be found here.


All the deliverables of the ESSNet project on SDC harmonisation are now available from this website

New book on SDC

A new book on SDC has been published by Wiley. The authors (Anco Hundepool, Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Luisa Franconi, Sarah Giessing, Eric Schulte Nordholt, Keith Spicer and Peter-Paul de Wolf) are happy to announce this book.
The book covers the following topics:
  • Principles, Guidelines and Regulations
  • Microdata protection
  • Magnitude tables
  • Frequency tables
  • Data Access issues
  • Glossary